About Us

Welcome to RegBitz.com

This website is developed with one purpose, giving free codes, gift card, and game resources from various merchants, service providers, and game developers. All the applications presented here are developed as an online application where users will not be required to download or install anything to run the program. All programs are running from our server so no security, safety, and privacy issues on the users end.

Because of the origin topics of this website, it will be impossible for us to introduce who we are, the team behind this website. I believe the reason is quite obvious here. On the other hand, we also believe our visitors and users won’t really care about who we are. All they need is working programs with real results. And we have those in this website.

For you who want to contact us to ask a question or two, requesting different applications, or any other inquiries, please send us a message using the form available on the contact page. We will try our best to respond your email as soon as possible.

Have fun!