Riot Points Generator

As a League of Legend avid player myself, I know you are here since you want to know if there is a way to get free Riot Points you can use to buy various game items available there. And I am sure you have tried lots of fake programs out there with no result at all. You are lucky if your machine is not infected with virus or trojan after trying those bogus programs. But since you are here visiting this page, you are even luckier cause your journey has just ended.

Introduce our latest online Riot Points generator program. The only working League of Legends hack tool that will let you generate free Riot Points delivered directly to your account. Click the button below to run our program directly from your browser.


Still not sure to use this RP generator application? No problem, I can understand. Actually, most of our users don’t simply run the tool at the first time they found this page. Maybe it is due to their experience with various bogus programs, maybe because of safety and security concern, or maybe because it just sounds too good to be true. Don’t worry, we are going to talk about most common concerns among our users.

The most common question is of course a question if this League of Legends hack tool really works, or just another bogus program. And to be really honest with you, the only way to know this is by trying the tool yourself. Click the button above, follow the simple steps, and in no time you will have the RP sent to your account. It will only take a minute or two to run the tool and you will see the results on your account in, usually, less then 10 minutes (can be a bit longer in peak hours).

But what about other concerns? Is there any risk of running this Riot Points generator? Virus, account ban, or even more serious risk?

OK, that’s actually a pretty valid concern, especially since you have the unhappy experiences with those fake programs out there.

First, it is an online application. Installed and run directly from our server, using our machine and internet connection is from our data center. This program requires no download nor install from the users end. Users just need to access the page, and run this RP generator online application from their browser. So, there will be no worries about having your device infected with virus or other nasty programs.

Since it runs from our server, it will use the IP address coming from the data center. You can use this Riot Points hack from your home internet connection without any worry about having your IP address leaked. So there will be no way for their security team to trace you back cause all they can see is our data center IP, which has been properly covered anyway.

They can’t also trace you back from your account you use to run this tool. While we can’t revel how it works to the public (or they will patch the hole), we can say that we have developed a solid system that will randomize things on the overall processes so there will be no way their security team can detect which account used. Actually, they even don’t know about this program, unless someone told them of course.

However, to make it even more secure for all of us, please try to not use this Riot Points generator program more than once a day using the same account. It will make it even more difficult for them to detect this tool and it will ensure this League of Legends hack tool will keep performing smoothly to all of us.

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