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As a gamer myself, I believe you are visiting this page because you want to find a way to get free Xbox live gold membership and enjoy all the benefits without paying a dime. And you know what? Having free Xbox live gold codes is possible with our brand new Xbox live code generator tool. Now you can forget buying the codes, just generate them yourself and redeem on your account.

Simply visit our Xbox code generator page by clicking the button below. Follow the simple steps presented on the page, run the program and you will have your Xbox live gold free code in just a few minutes. Visit the page now and run it, we are going to discuss this Xbox live codes tool in a minute, so you can follow the discussion easier.

online generator

I know that some of you visited the page above but haven’t really try to run the tool. Many of our users did that too at the first time they found this page. Mostly they are not sure if this is safe and secure to run the tool, some of them concern about virus, other concern about the safety aspect, and various other concerns.

So here are several issues that usually come to most of our first users mind, we will talk about it a bit deeper so you can run this Xbox live gold code generator without any worries.

First, to really know if this application really works or not, unfortunately the only way to know about it just by running the tool and see the result yourself. However, just like I said above, if you have a doubt to just use the Xbox live gold generator program due to the reasons above, keep reading.

As you can see when visiting the generator page above, this is a web based application. In this case, the program is installed and operated from our server. Users only use their browser to access the interface page to input the required data, as well as to get the code. The generating process itself is done entirely on our server, located on our offshore data center.

So yes, there is no need to download it or install it to run this Xbox live code generator. Just visit the page, follow the steps, and have the code presented on your browser. This way there is no risk of having your system infected with virus or other harmful programs. It’s just like visiting normal web page, don’t worry.

Since this Xbox code generator application is entire operated using our server it uses the internet connection provided by our data center. It means you will not risk yourself of getting tracked back by Xbox live security team since all they will see is our data center IP address. Of course the chance for them to be able to detect this tool is very minimal. In simple words, you can even use this program from your home and there will be no risk for you.

Just like the name of the tool says it, this free Xbox live code generator tool will only generate code you can redeem on your account. Or any account you want. The code is unique and random, generated using the same algorithm used by Xbox/Microsoft. You will get an identical code like if you buy it yourself from them. There is no way they can detect that the code redeemed is from this tool.

While it is safe to redeem the code on your account we still encourage our users not to redeem to many codes in one account in a day. Please don’t abuse this program to much or they will have a higher chance to detect a suspicious activities that will lead them to find and close the loophole. Redeeming 1 code a day is perfectly okay, and I believe you will not need more.

As I said before, the code generated by this tool can be redeemed on any account you want. It means you can even give away those free Xbox live gold codes to anyone you want. Maybe you want give it to your friend as a gift on a special day? You can do that, and it will be a very special gift for them.

So, if you are looking for free Xbox live gold codes when visiting this page, then our brand new Xbox code generator will be a perfect solution for you.

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